The Diet Plan

Phase 1 - 14 Day Detox

As part of the Slimmables initiation it is vital you start with the 14-Day Green and Clean Detox. During this period you will only eat green listed foods.

Phase 2 - Slimmables Diet

Once you have finished your 14 Day Green and Clean Detox, you are ready to reintroduce a limited amount of food and drink on the Amber and Red list for one 48 hour period per week.

Food categories

We use a calorie currency called Slimbites and Cheatbites to make portion control easy. You will have an allocated amount of Slimbites to spend on Green and Clean foods every day. On top of your daily Slimbites, you will also be allocated 10 Cheatbites to spend on Amber and Red foods during one 48-hour period per week.

of 30

eaten today


One Slimbite is equal to 50 Calories from Green listed foods

of 10

eaten this week


One Cheatbite is equal to 50 Calories from Amber and Red listed foods