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One Slimbite = 50 calories from Green foods. One Cheatbite = 50 calories from Amber or Red foods. We speak in terms of Slimbites and Cheatbites in order to make it easier to keep track of where you’re getting your calories. Slimmables is not about counting calories, but Slimbites and Cheatbites act as guidelines for portion control. You are allocated a certain amount of Slimbites that you can eat per day. The amount you are allocated is calculated through the Harris and Benedict formula and depends on the data you provide for your profile. So if you are allocated 30 Slimbites per day, then you can eat up to 1,500 calories that day and they all must be from Green foods. On your two weekly Cheat Days, you will be given 10 Cheatbites to spend. This means you can eat any kind of food you want as long as you stay under 10 Cheatbites (500 calories) during the entire 48 hour period. If you want to spend more than 10 Cheatbites during your Cheat Days, you can earn extra Cheatbites by exercising. "
We recommend a minimum of 2-3 cardio workouts and 1 strength workout per week. With our awesome at-home video workouts, it is super easy to fit regular exercise into your schedule! Remember, exercise earns you extra Cheatbites for your Cheat Days!
Not at all! The amazing thing about Slimmables is that it takes care of all the science and tracking for you. Slimmables automatically tracks your calorie and nutrition intakes when you add foods to your food diary. Just enter any food and exercise activity, and we will tell you exactly how to lose weight.
No. We have put Slimbites in place to help with portion control however this is NOT a calorie counting diet. Slimmables focus is not on how much you eat but what you are eating. Global research shows 98% of calorie counting diets don't work. Slimmables is about avoiding processed sugar and processed carbohydrate.
You lose weight on Slimmables because you cut down on your sugar and carb intake. It may seem like you can do this without detoxing, but any kind of processed food is likely to contain unexpected amounts of sugar and other nasty things that will slow your weight loss! The Green and Clean phase lasts two weeks – long enough to eliminate all extra sugars and processed foods from your body. Doing this phase helps you kick unhealthy cravings and rebalance any hormonal issues that may have been caused by processed food. The best part about the Green and Clean phase is that it gives you a serious weight loss boost!
Can you pick it or kill it? Is it 100% natural? Does it have ingredients that are easy to pronounce? If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then it’s probably Green and Clean! If you are still unsure, please consult our list of Green and Clean foods.
People often think clean foods taste bland, but this is not natural and it is actually a sign that you could use a detox! After years of eating processed foods, your taste buds and dopamine receivers become over-stimulated and lose their ability to taste anything that is not packed with extraordinary amounts of salt and sugar. After a few weeks of detoxing, your body will rebalance to its natural state. A common report we hear from members is that after being on Slimmables for a while they ‘discover taste buds they never knew they had’. So if you don’t like Green and Clean foods, give Slimmables a try anyway and you will probably learn to love the foods that help keep you healthy!
We offer lots of super simple and quick recipe ideas on our site. You can do it! Make it a habit to cook in large batches so you can freeze or store extra portions to eat later. If you already cook for your family and you don’t have time to make separate food for yourself, why not get the whole family eating Green and Clean? The younger you are when you ditch sugar, the easier it is to avoid it later in life."
Yes, but only after the two-week Green and Clean detox. Once you have completed the detox, you are free to eat any type of non-green item two days week on your Cheat Days, as long as you stay within your Cheatbites.
No. Unless you’re on a cheat day the only sugar you can consume is through fruit as a whole, or a limited few Green and Clean alternatives like stevia or date syrup.
Totally! We love to eat out a lot too. It helps if you can find the restaurant’s menu before showing up so you can know which meals fit within your Slimbite allowance for the day. If you have questions about whether or not a menu item is Green and Clean, feel free to post on Fitbook and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
They certainly don’t have to be. Depending, you can actually bring your grocery bill down! On Slimmables you will be staying away from processed food, meaning that you won’t have to buy products that are marked up for packaging or added preservatives! Make an effort to cook in bulk and shop seasonally at local markets and fruit stands in order to save costs."
You may feel some mild side effects during the two-week Green and Clean detox, but afterwards you will feel better than ever. Possible side effects include skin breakouts, muscle aches, fatigue, mood swings, and cravings. These side effects are usually the result of your body cleansing itself of toxins and rebalancing your metabolism and hormones. We know that these are not exactly desirable…but a few temporary side effects are well worth a lean, squeaky clean body and will make you feel amazing in the long run!
Please consult your GP before starting. However, Slimmables was developed with diabetics in mind and we have plenty of diabetics successfully using the plan.
Yes, Slimmables is safe in all of these conditions. If you are breastfeeding you may feel extra fatigued when starting Slimmables. If you are worried, please consult your GP."
Yes. As PCOS is linked to insulin and cortisol, a low sugar and low carbohydrate diet such as Slimmables is probably best for you anyway! If you’d like further information on how to monitor and rebalance hormone levels, please contact us at and Rob Corney, our food scientist, will advise you.
Yes. Slimmables is actually great for people who avoid gluten, as we partly focus on reducing the intake wheat, grains and dairy. However, if you are concerned then please consult your GP.
Absolutely. There are plenty of recipe options that involve only vegetarian or vegan foods.
The Slimmables diet should have you naturally consuming more vitamins and minerals than you were previously. However, we can help arrange further testing if you would like to find out about deficiencies. To have your nutritional and health markers assessed, please contact us at
When we calculate your goal date, we have to use a governed guideline of 2lb weight loss per week. However, the heavier you are, the more quickly you will lose weight. When Josie first started, she lost 9lb in her first week. You may find that updating your profile regularly will move your goal date closer.
I knew what was working for me having qualified as a personal trainer and passed several advanced nutrition courses. With the help of PhD food scientist Rob Corney from Loughborough University, we devised Slimmables based on how I went from a size 20 to a size 10 and incorporating his 22 years worth of food science knowledge and experience Rob’s qualifications include a B.A. and Masters in Sports Nutrition and an M.Phil. in Appetite and Energy Regulation. He specialises in fluid manipulation, energy intake, obesity, health sciences, athletic and laboratory testing and gastrointestinal and hormonal analysis. You might say he's the brains and I'm the looks!
Certainly. Please send us a list of foods with nutritional information and we will happily input your foods into our database. Thanks!
If you have a family just double or triple up on the recipe portions. This is the perfect diet to get the family involved. Don't get me wrong I don't all think you should have a subscription but I do believe we should be teaching the next generation about good foods and bad foods. We all want our children to live a happy, healthy life so why shouldn't they ditch the sugar too. Running a family and being a mummy is the hardest job in the world. Time is not on your side so batch cook - cook a few days worth of meals and fit in the exercise with the kids.
Having battled with my weight since I was seven years old I've tried every single diet out there. None offered me a long term solution where I wasn't counting calories every day or fasting for certain periods then indulging in others. Slimmables is scientifically formulated to not only help you lose weight but to get your body and metabolism working as efficiently as it can. It's not about a few weeks of salads then going back to the junk, it's about a completely sustainable, achievable and affordable lifestyle change which will help you lose weight, live longer, stay healthier and be happier than you've ever been before.
Of course. There are plenty of options for meals and the foods on all three lists; green, amber and red have plenty of vegetarian options on them. I sometimes spend a week or two eating vegetarian or vegan just to mix things up and challenge my tastebuds and my cooking skills.
And then some! Ditching calories and eating clean and lean means you'll get plenty of vitamins and minerals at every single meal and snack. Put simply, on Slimmables, there are no empty foods. Every single food on the list has nutritional benefits to your body.
Firstly, are you mad? No mucker hates water! But if you live in a hard water area where it's not particularly palatable try herbal teas. They don't just have to be served hot too. An icy peppermint tea on a hot day is a thing of beauty. Or go for cold citrus teas. Try juicing some of your vegetables with a piece of fruit; my personal favourite is spinach, broccoli and apple. Or Failing that put lots of fruit in your water to flavour it up, lemons, cucumbers and strawberries all taste lush.
Please consult your GP before starting however we've got lots of diabetics on the plan, and it's been developed with diabetics in mind too.
Yes, however no dairy is allowed in the Green and Clean phase so either have it black or with almond, coconut or hemp milk.
Yes. There are no wheats, grains or dairy so it'll be beneficial to you but if you're worried consult your GP before you start.
Yes PCOS is a hormonal imbalance linked to insulin and cortisol. A low sugar/carbohydrate diet is probably the best diet for you. If you want further information on how you can monitor and rebalance hormone levels please contact us at and Rob Corney our food scientist will help you.
Yes, but you may feel very fatigued, if you're worried consult your GP.
They are not bad, but like many things in life there are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. We want to fill you up with the good ones and leave the bad ones alone.
You should be getting all the vitamins and minerals you need however we can offer further testing to see if you are deficient. If you are interested in testing for any vitamin deficiencies please contact
We recommend three meals a day and 1-2 snacks. Snacks should be the size of the palm of your hand Meals should be a mixture of Good carbs (ie fruits vegetables, nuts, legumes) protein and healthy fats. These are hands wide spread portions. "
1. GREEN AND CLEAN - Detox 2. AMBER 80/20 - 80% of these food to be spent in the green. 20% in the Amber list which gives you a wide variety of foods. 3. MAINTENANCE - 1 cheat meal a week"
Yes, The longer you stay Green and Clean the quicker the scales will go down. You will loose weight a lot faster without introducing 20% of your foods on your amber list. I've done 21 days before and saw a huge difference.
Have a cheat day. Take it from someone who plateaued a lot. The best advice I was given was to have a blow out. It'll kick start your metabolism back into action.
No, shop seasonally and you'll be surprised at the difference it'll make. Eating in time with the seasons means you'll be saving money if anything. If you're like me and love a bargain too you can make up plenty of soups, stews and marinades in bulk and in advance that'll save you both time and money in the long run. You're staying away from processed foods - foods that take factories and man hours to produce, foods that have a mark up to cover costings. Buying food as close to it's natural state as possible means you're not paying for packaging or added ingredients or preservatives which is where the expense comes in. I can normally get 3-4 bags full of fruit and veg at the market for £15
This depends on what allergies they are. We have lots of nuts in our recipes as the are a good source of healthy fats. Delayed food allergies or sensitivities can be monitored through a elimination diet or by testing, find out more at
Of course, each to his or her own I say. The recipes are there as a guide, an example of what you can do. I was a terrible cook when I started my new way of eating. I'd have given my right arm for some of these recipes and I continue to use them all several times a week. But if you're a budding Masterchef, as long as you stick to the foods on the list, the kitchen is your domain to get creative. Whatever successes and new dishes you develop can be shared with your fellow Slimmables on your Fitbook page too, so just make sure you take a nice picture of your dish before you devour it so the rest of us can copy you. If there are any meals that you like and are struggling to give up let us know we will try and make the healthy alternative for you.
No. I eat out a lot too. Know the restaurant menu before you go so your not caught out. If you're confused, ask the waiter to help you out.
Absolutely. I've been taking lunch boxes with me to meetings for ages. The great thing about a lot of the foods on the menu planner is that they're compatible with being chucked in a microwave or, even better, being eaten cold. I promise you, I'm probably the laziest person in the world when it comes to planning in advance but I've found tonnes of the Slimmables menus and plates are great for making a bit extra to feed you the next day.
How long have you got? There are tonnes of foods on the green list which, even on their own make a great go to snack when you're on the run. Use the Slimmables menu planner to help you come up with some ideas and don't forget to share what you eat with your fellow Slimmables.
Make sure you drink plenty of water or herbal teas to maintain your fluid levels and help replenish the electrolytes you're losing as you purify. I went through stages of either being constipated or, ahem, the other end of the spectrum. Your body probably won't be used to eating clean and healthy food so you need to give it time to adjust. As long as you make sure your fluid intake is where it needs to be, you'll be fine.
Give yourself a chance. Your taste buds and brain are used to highly palatable food that send your dopmaine receivers into overdrive. They've had years of fake stimulation and have forgotten their job, but they will come back to life. I can honestly say I didn't know what an apple tasted like until I was 27.
No, unfortunately this is one of the side effects I struggled with. I felt sick and also came down with cold after cold. What happens when you start to purify is the equivalent of renting a skip for the weekend and filling it up with junk. Once your body starts consuming clean, non processed foods it'll start to detoxify and chuck out the junk by any means it can. Your digestive system will be out of whack first with your gut getting shot of toxins but your skin, hair follicles, sinuses and brain will all follow suit and start to have a clear out - and changing the chemical balance in your body can result in several different side effects. You may be one of the lucky ones and not have any issues on the purify phase, I had several but they soon assuaged and I was left feeling better than I had in years.
Nothing. The Slimmables system automatically counts your Slimbites for you when you add food to your food diary or add recipes. We also keep track of your nutritional information so you can keep under 100g of carbs a day easily.
If you can't find the food you are looking for, don't worry, you can just add it yourself. Go to ‘create a new food’ then fill out as much information as possible. If you don't know all the nutritional figures don't worry, we'll find it for you. When you add a food or drink to the system, our team of nutritional finders are alerted and will check your input so we are more reliable than lots of other weight loss websites. We ask you for the nutritional values of the food per 100g and then the typical portion in grams of the food. This is shown on most food labels now. Leave anything blank that you don’t know and please be as specific as you can be with what you have consumed so we can find it and match the nutritional values to help other Slimmables."
Certainly give us a list of foods with nutritional information and we will be more than happy. We also have nutritional software should you wish for any foods to be calculated for their nutritional values by our team. "